One woman and her dog – the five stages pre-puppy


  1. EXCITEMENT – You’ve met your little bundle of fun. You’ve imagined all the fun you’ll have together playing. You’ve dreamt of long summer walks in the woods and cosy winter nights curled up in front of the fire. You just can’t wait. Your new puppy will be your bestest friend.
  2. APPREHENSION – You start having concerns and worries about the impending arrival. Will my puppy settle in okay? Will he/she miss her mum, dad and siblings? Will it like me? Will he/she behave? Will it bark a lot? Will he/she be okay left alone while I’m at work?
  3. SELF DOUBT – Then come the fears of being able to look after an animal and being responsible and committed. Will I be able to train it? Will I feed it enough? Will I feed it too much? Will I make it ill? Will I be able to cope? Will it like me?
  4. SHOCK – Oh.My.Dog! – One small bundle of joy and one significant lifestyle change. Lie-ins? Nope, temporarily on hold. Popping out whenever you fancy, for as long as you like. Nope, can’t leave puppy home alone for too long. Lounging around on the sofa. Only when puppy is having a sleep which is generally when you need to catch up on all the things you can’t do while you’re keeping pooch entertained. Puppies need attention. They need to be taken outside to go to the toilet regularly. They follow you from room to room lingering around your heels. The moment you take your eyes off pup for too long it’ll be nibbling something it shouldn’t.
  5. REALITY – It’s quite a lot of hard work and a big responsibility. You need to be patient and tolerant and accept that accidents will happen, your pup is only a baby and it will take time to fall into place. Puppies demand a fair bit of attention and not always at convenient times. But they are a lot of fun, love snuggling up, will always be happy to see you and quickly become your new best friend.

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