Toilet training. It’s a trying time. All eyes have to be on your pet pooch or you may miss the signs and end up on your hands and knees constantly clearing up their mess.

Here wee go

Boy dogs will cock a leg and leave their scent when and where they fancy. It’s a man thing. Lady dogs are more picky, naturally.
Both will have a good sniff about to find their perfect place. With a lift of the leg (boys) its job done and easy to spot. The girls like to squat on a soft area. This can make it harder to tell if they’re just sitting or having a wee.

It’s wise to remove any rugs and have cleaning products handy (avoid ones with ammonia in. . . it’s an attractive smell to a dog and you want to prevent them weeing on your carpets).

Training pads are good, especially if left by the back door. Top tip: before you throw the used pad away, rub the new one in the old wee to scent the fresh one so it will attract your pup to use it. Sounds a bit gross but it works.

Whenever Pippi had an accident indoors we tried not to react and picked her up and put her on the training pad. When she had her jabs and was allowed outside we popped her in the garden if she did her business inside. Using the words ‘wee wee’ and ‘poo poo’ also helped her associate the action with the outside area.

There was no shouting, no rubbing her face in her mess, no tapping her nose, just simple learning parrot fashion.

We found keeping a ‘doings’ diary’ and noting down the times of any weeing or pooing helps to see a pattern. You can then establish how long your pooch can hold itself which is good with planning when you need to pop out.

Poo o’clock 

To spot when your pup might need a number two, you’ll spy lots of tail chasing, more frantic sniffing and heading to any corner of a room. That’s what to look for. Act with haste and get them outdoors.

Be quick with your poop bag though. Your dog will go back for a sniff and if you’ve not bagged it this might happen. . . Your puppy might EAT its own poo. It sounds grim. Surely not the tastiest treat either! Your bundle of gorgeous fluffiness chomping on its excrement. . . Shock and horror. I was aghast when I witnessed Pippi do it.

Don’t be alarmed. It’s common. It’s even got a fancy name, coprophagia. And although it’s disgusting, the sooner you remove the waste the easier it’ll be to break the habit.

It requires a lot of vigilance but puppies aren’t stupid and learn quite quickly but it does mean putting the effort in to help them.

Then, before you know it, puppy’s waiting by the back door to be let out!

One last thing. . . Don’t compare your puppy’s progress with others. They’re like babies. They’re all unique, and develop at different stages and have their own personalities. It takes time and it doesn’t make you a failure and your pooch difficult. It’s just the way it is.

Print   Pippi’s thoughts

When I first came to live at my new home I was really scared. I was taken away from my mum, dad and two brothers and I missed them so much. (Well not my stinky brothers, they used to pull me around by my tail and fight with me. Meanies.) In my new home it was all so different, I’m the only puppy. I didn’t know what to do when I wanted to go for a wee wee or poo poo. I just did it when I needed to. There didn’t seem to be a special place so I guessed it was okay.

But I noticed that whenever I went in the cosy lounge, mum or dad would pick me up and put me on a soft white mat by the back door, and after a while outside in the garden. Hmmm. This got me thinking, perhaps there was a special place after all. Over the next few weeks I always tried to get to the mat but sometimes I missed and went on the floor. Or I got a bit excited and it just happened. Ooops. There was a bit of huffing and puffing when I did this and lots of sprays and bottles came out. I felt really naughty and bad.

I tried so hard to do what I was supposed to. I realised that the garden’s now my toilet area. So when I need to go I head to the back door and look at mum or dad and they let me out. If it’s in the night I don’t want to mess in my bed, that’s not nice, so I wake them up and it’s all okay.

See, I’m not silly it just took a while for me to sniff it out.


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