Chewing it over


It’s never ideal to get home and find your posh Jimmy Choos (more likely Clarks) and Gucci handbag (in reality Next) with teeth marks decorating the leather. Or cook books and oak furniture with chunks gouged out.

But it’s what puppies do when they’re teething or bored. . . Bite and chew. The only way to deflect their attention from your prized possessions is to occupy them with lots of toys and loads of chew sticks.

Even if you give them a vast selection they may still turn to chomping on your stuff just because they can!

There are chew-stop sprays that are meant to taste vile (they do, I accidentally got some on my hand and licked it! Yuck!). Coat your cupboards and chair legs in the stuff to save them from being bitten to bits.

It was sprayed on the kitchen shelving and outside on the bamboo canes she was insistent on nibbling through. Turns out she grew to quite like the taste. . . A lot! The word ‘no’ became the most used in my vocabulary for weeks on end and my patience was well and truly tested!

Pippi’s sharp little needle teeth chobbled on everything and anything!

She has her own box full of toys, all different along with oodles of chew sticks. There was always a new novelty to play with.

Pippi gets her teeth into something

Alas, the cupboards still got gnawed and the oak coffee table has little teeth marks etched in it. As for those bamboo canes. . . ravaged.

It won’t last forever, it’s a phase that will pass. So those books say. Fingers crossed. Or have we bitten off more than we can chew?

Print   Pippi’s thoughts

Owww! My mouth is all sore and hurty, I think it’s ‘cos my teeth are coming through. The only thing that helps it feel better is chewing on things. But sometimes when I do mummy  shouts ‘no!’ at me. And when it’s loud I know I shouldn’t really be doing it and I’m making her cross. But I can’t help it.

I like bits of wood best, the coffee table is lovely and the shelf part is just the right height if I’m feeling lazy and want to lie down. Mummy and daddy’s hands are fun to bite down on when we’re playing, oh and their clothes are too.

Surely the two-legged people must remember what it’s like to get new teeth? When they coo and smile at me there are huge white blocks in their mouths. They must’ve really hurt when they were growing!

I think I’ll try and use all the special toys they’ve got for me. I have got a few favourites but it’s always nice to try something new. . .


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